Property Management System

hoteliga is one of the top rated Property Management Systems and an innovative way that hoteliers and property managers manage their day to day operations.

Interactive Calendar

Take a full control of availability, rates, and more with our responsive, fully customizable calendar. Automatic synchronization with OTA's, manual reservations made in seconds! Read More

Flexible Invoicing

Invoice one or multiple reservations. One or more invoices for a reservation. Invoice preview before issuing. Update invoicing details after issue. Delete the last invoice in case of a mistake.

Room Maintenance

Block rooms for maintenance reasons. Keep track of maintenance status and reduce availability in channels.


Create and manage users in your account. Control access and view user activity.


View, print and export a variety of useful reports with visually appealing graphs about sales, payments, reservations and more. Read More


Manage your relationship with booking agencies. Control pricing and monitor reservations flow.

Localized for Your Country

Adjust currency, dates, taxes, name formats, different languages per user.

Real-Time Tracking of Housekeeping

Your housekeeping staff can work from smartphone and update directly to the calendar in real time the cleaning status of rooms. No more manual updates.

Easy Data Export for the Authorities

Export files for the police and statistics authorities in your country. We support Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and more.


Manage multiple properties at the same time, save the time switching between different system and accounts.


Connect your channel manager and booking engine with PMS to gather all data in one place, gain time for new customers.

Room Layout

Room Layout provides a comprehensive view of your hotel that will save your front desk staff time. From this screen your staff can easily see the rooms occupied, vacant, search for rooms, enter a new reservation or drag and drop an existing reservation to change room.

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